CHEFFD is a dream come true.

Working together with some of the world’s greatest Michelinstar chefs, we want to inspire you!
The next generation of (young) professionals. With CHEFFD we have created a platform with unique and high end content to inspire and enthuse.

“For me as a chef it is such a great pleasure to see and taste what other chefs are doing in there kitchens. Every time we film a new chef is like a trip to the candy shop, to see such art, craftmanship and talent are the things that are so inspirational and from great value. It’s an amazing  inspiration for every chef to see how our colleagues are working.
And with CHEFFD you will get the inside view from the kitchen, and the philosophy of the chef.

Normally that is not accessible for everyone, and it is so important to see new things for a chef. Especially for a young chef.
I had to find it all out by myself but now there is CHEFFDMy mission is to share knowledge and recipes with the world, not only to inspire professionals in gastronomy, but, working alongside the academy’s, to also educate, inspire, and challenge the next generation of chefs, sommeliers and everyone else working in hospitality.”

– Jonathan Zandbergen

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3552GL Utrecht (NL)
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